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Electronic Drum Pedal Trigger
Electronic Drum Pedal Trigger

FAT Pedal

Foot Action Trigger Pedal

     The FAT Pedal is a beater-less, low profile, weighted trigger pedal with a very wide dynamic range and high sensitivity. Combining a one pound weight along with a military grade hinge produces a smooth and responsive feel, while the footboard is designed so you can place the ball of your foot forward or back to find your best choice for throw and feel (like adjusting the beater height on an acoustic pedal). Dual jacks will allow two FAT Pedals to be connected together for double bass setups. Strong spring loaded spurs allow a firm grip on bare floors, while Heavy Duty Velcro on the underside will grab loop-type carpets.

FAT Pedal - Versatile Configurations

Neil Peart's Drum Pedal Setup
Neil Peart's Pedal configuration with FAT Pedal for sample triggering
Neil Peart Time Machine Kit
Electronic Drum Pedals Hybrid Setup

FAT Pedal Available Now



( Usually ships in 1 - 3 business days )
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