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DTS Drum Tuning Kit
Acoustic Drum Tuning System

" The Answer You've Been Waiting For" 

Michael Dawson - Modern Drummer




  • Tune Acoustic Drums in Just Seconds

  • Single Point Tuning Eliminates Adjusting Tension Rods

  • Easily Sweep Tune Heads - It's Like Tuning a Guitar

  • Now Tune Bottom Heads Without Removing the Drums

DTS - Drum Tuning System

Acoustic Drum Tuning System

     Since the inception of ‘hoop and tension rod’ type acoustic drums, tuning has been a difficult and challenging task. In fact most drummers rarely achieve the quality of sound their drums have to offer. Drum Tech introduces the new DTS - Advanced Drum Tuning System, a major breakthrough in tuning. The DTS retrofits to most hoop and rod type acoustic drums, streamlining the entire tuning process. Once installed, turning individual tension rods is no longer necessary as the DTS allows each drumhead’s pitch to be raised or lowered via one adjustment while automatically maintaining even tension around the head. This "one-touch" approach allows drummers to play the drum while simultaneously adjusting the pitch of the top and bottom heads. Finally, the nightmare of tuning drums is over, because you no longer have to spend time balancing the tension around the head. Instead, you only spend your time changing the overall pitch of the head, which is actually tuning!

Acoustic Drum Tuning System Tensioner

Sweep Tuning •  


"Sweep Tuning" is to quickly sweep the range of pitch of a drumhead while listening to the drum's sound change during tuning. This way your ear can hear and compare all of the variations in the sound instantly; like tuning a guitar. The pitch of the top & bottom head form a 2-note chord where all the rules of harmony exist (3rds, 5ths, etc.). When you land on one of these intervals (a sweet spot) the drum will sing, just like with a guitar. This is how most instruments work, and it is how you should tune drumsWith the traditional way we've had to tune drums, this approach was not possible, and it is why getting them to sound good is so difficult. Now it's easy to get your drums to sound the way they were meant to sound, with the DTS - Advanced Drum Tuning System.

DTS Tuning Bracket
DTS Even cable force Hoop brackets
"Sweep Tuning” - Striking the top head while adjusting the top or bottom head. 
DTS Bottom Drumhead Sweep Tuning
Traditional Tuning vs. DTS Tuning
Traditional Tuning vs. DTS Tuning

The DTS allows you to tune your drums in seconds

The DTS eliminates the need to adjust the tension rods

Tuning is accomplished with a single point of adjustment on each drumhead

The DTS simplifies finding sweet spots between top and bottom heads quickly

Tune your entire kit from your throne without removing any drums from their mounts

Instantly achieves and maintains all rods in equal tension with no pre-tuning required

The DTS works exclusively with hoops and tension rods, and has no effect on drum shells


"The Answer You've Been Waiting For."

"...this system is a must-have."

Modern Drummer DTS Review
Drumhead DTS Review

"Once you've experienced the quickness and ease of "sweep-tuning" your drums with one adjustment, you'll be hooked."

"...we were able to tune the drums effortlessly while seated behind the kit."

Drum! Magazine DTS Review

"No more tapping and fussing.  Instant, even tuning is here!"

" was a piece of cake to change tunings - and, I got a great sound."

Drum Buisness DTS Review

"...drummers can now tune their drums by ear, without having to reach for a drum key."

"...tune a drum in a fraction of the time it takes using the traditional method."

Drum! Magazine DTS Review
Drum Buisness DTS Review
Drumhead DTS Review
Modern Drummer DTS Review

"The DTS is a revolutionary product that helps drummers fine tune their drums into an instrument again.  Now the Drumming World has a product that consistently applys tension around the rim. The drum can finally be heard with it's true tone." 

Tre’ Balfour - ColorMeBadd,All-4-One,Michael Bolton,Nodesha,Gladys Knight, Kashif,Jay Lamont

DTS Testimonials
DTS Tuning System Components

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