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Electronic Drum Pad Trigger
Electronic Pole Pad Trigger

Pole Pad Pro

Dual Zone Trigger Pad

     The Pole Pad Pro is both a single & dual zone trigger pad designed around an FSR sensor that delivers a wide dynamic range with absolutely zero crosstalk. Works great in acoustic - electronic hybrid setups and as an accessory pad in electronic drum sets. A 10" silicone rubber playing surface provides an excellent stick rebound along with a quiet performance. A single 1/4" stereo phone jack provides 1 or 2 zone output. Slim design with a 1-1/2"  diameter that's compatible with T-fittings and a multitude of clamps & multi-clamps. 

Pole Pad Pro - Versatile Configurations

Andy Gangadeen Drum Tech Artist
Andy Gangadeen
Multiple Pole Pad Pro setup on tour
Electronic Drum Trigger Pad Hybrid Setup

The Pole Pad Pro is a versatile Instrument, allowing not only the triggering of sounds but also the control of your performance by using it in conjunction with MIDI control functions such as kit selections, sequencer start/stop, etc.  The possibilities are endless. 

Pole Pad Pro - On Stage & In Studio

Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Rolling Stones, Celine Dion, Sting
Small Heading
Small Heading
The Bays, ZZTop, Jeff Beck, Spice Girls, Massive Attack,  M People
Justin Timberlake, Rose Royce, and many others.

POLE PAD PRO Available Now



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