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DRUM TECH • Innovations in Drum Technology Since 1988

     Drum Tech, an American design and manufacturing company, has been a leader in innovative drum products worldwide since 1988. Drum Tech’s products are engineered and manufactured to achieve the high standards required by touring professionals and discriminating musicians alike.

     Our mission is to bring to the drum and percussion artist the highest standard of performance in a drum product at a price that musicians can afford. Drum Tech has proven this capability with products like the Pole Pad, Rim Pad, Flat Pad, Kick Pad, FAT & HAT Pedals all for electronic drums, and now with our new DTS Advanced Drum Tuning System for acoustic drums.

     Our ongoing focus is continuing to provide drummers & percussionists with innovative products.

 Drum Tech is designing the future of Drums and Drumming.

Innovations in Acoustic and Electronic Drums
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