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DTS - Drum Tuning System

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Since the inception of ‘hoop and tension rod’ type acoustic drums, tuning has been a difficult and challenging task. In fact most drummers rarely achieve the quality of sound their drums have to offer. Drum Tech introduces the new DTS - Advanced Drum Tuning System, a major breakthrough in tuning. The DTS retrofits to most hoop and rod type acoustic drums, streamlining the entire tuning process. Once installed, turning individual tension rods is no longer necessary as the DTS allows each drumhead’s pitch to be raised or lowered via one adjustment while automatically maintaining even tension around the head. This "one-touch" approach allows drummers to play the drum while simultaneously adjusting the pitch of the top and bottom heads. Finally, the nightmare of tuning drums is over, because you no longer have to spend time balancing the tension around the head. Instead, you only spend your time changing the overall pitch of the head, which is actually tuning!

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